Featured in The Knot Magazine: New England

There is no more fitting time to share this feature, because Ashley and Rod, the awesome couple who are currently gracing the pages of The Knot New England Magazine’s 1st wedding anniversary is today.  How perfect is that?  Ashley and Rod were married on North Haven, a picturesque island off the coast of Maine, and the pair took a moment before their ceremony to zip around on Vespas, which made me love them even more.  The resulting image is now available for all to see in the Knot’s latest issue.

Below is the magazine’s cover (not by me!) and the spread that includes my photo.  Make sure to check out the magazine on newsstands and to give Ashley and Rod some love if you see/talk to them today.  Ashley and Rod, give Popeye and Olive a extra big hug for me today!

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