wedding albums

Imagine- you’re sitting with your love, and you pull out your wedding album. Together, you slowly thumb through the memories, laughing, remembering the random awesomeness that happened, maybe getting teary-eyed, or even feeling a deeper love for all of your favorite people. Wedding albums, in short, are a transformative experience that can’t be missed.

A wedding album offered by Kate Crabtere Photography

The Acadia

A timeless, handcrafted showstopper

The Acadia album is a modern lay flat flush mount album that makes your wedding come to life in the palms of your hands. Albums start with 10 spreads (20 pages), providing just enough space for your favorite photos to shine. Additional spreads may be purchased if you have too many favorites.

Everything about this album feels satisfying. From the high quality cover options (a variety of leathers, linens, and faux leathers), to the thick pages that lie flat in the album, to the high quality, beautifully rendered prints, this is an album you want to return to time and time again.

There’s a variety of customization options for this album. Beyond choosing the cover color and material, you’ll also have the option to add engraved text on the spine or the cover, and add an inset photo to the cover.

All Acadia albums come within a sturdy black leather box for easy storage.

Albums are the perfect way for your photos to live off of your computer, and if you’re not sure if you want one at the time of booking, you can always purchase one after your wedding. After all, paper is the first year anniversary gift! :)

Everything you need to know.

Before I begin, I ask my couples to give me a list of the photos that must be in the album. Then, I’ll create a first draft, working from your list (and perhaps pulling in a few other photos that will help round out your spreads). From there, you’ll be asked to provide comments, and I’ll use those to create a second draft. The album is usually approved on the second or third draft. Finally, we’ll work together to finalize cover choices.

Yes! Most of my couples opt to do this, but I can give an estimate of how many spreads you might need based on the number of photos you’re hoping to include in your album.

Every design is different, but the albums I design typically hold, on average, 4 photos per spread. Some spreads will include more photos, while others may feature a panoramic portrait. Albums can include up to 40 spreads.

Parent albums are such a great gift for loved ones who will want a way to remember your wedding! They are an exact copy of your album, except they are slightly smaller – 8″ x 8″. Parent albums can be purchased at the same time as your album.

Of course, you can view the leather, linen, and faux leather options here. And, if you’re having a hard time deciding, I’ll mail you swatches of your favorites so you can see them in person. Once you’ve made your choice, all you’ll need to do is drop them into the self addressed stamped envelope I’ll include.

Once I have the photos you’d like me to use or to consider for your album, it’ll usually take me a week or two to create your first draft (faster from January through May, slower from June-December). Once you’ve sent me revisions, subsequent drafts usually take about a week to complete. Once the draft is finalized, it’ll take about a month for it to be printed, bound, and sent to you.

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