Western Maine Wedding | Kelsie & Rob

Kelsie and Rob’s wedding day, held at Sugarloaf, started out a little stormy.  Not only was it raining, but there was some stress involved with determining if the ceremony should still be held outside or moved to the chapel.  It was not an easy decision to make, but once Kelsie called  Rob, the answer became crystal clear– rain or shine, they would have their ceremony outside.  Suddenly, the stress and worry within the room lifted and cleared as they knew there were no more difficult decisions to be made– all that had to be done was to be married.

I’ll share more below, amongst the photos.  Read on!

sugarloaf-mountain-weddings-kr (2)
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Everyone studied the radar, but it was impossible to determine for sure if there would be rain during the ceremony.

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Cards were read, gifts were given, a few happy tears were shed.

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getting-ready-wedding-photos-kr (4)
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getting-ready-wedding-photos-kr (5)

I do love it when applause accompanies the putting on of the dress!

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Kelsie and her father’s first look was gorgeously emotional.

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If I have time, I always try to take a few bridal portraits at the getting ready location before heading to the ceremony.  There’s nothing like some soft window light!

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Meanwhile, Tammie photographed the guys getting ready.

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We took a few photos outside prior to the ceremony, as it was only lightly misting, and everyone laughed together despite the rain.

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It still continued to rain at the ceremony, and even started to rain a bit harder, but everyone was in good spirits and happy to see Kelsie have her wedding outside amongst the gorgeous foliage.

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Rob’s amazing reaction to Kelsie.

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sugarloaf-mountain-weddings-kr (4)
sugarloaf-mountain-weddings-kr (5)

There was a discussion whether we should take the chair lift up to take some photos up on the mountain.  I said, “well, why not?” so I covered my cameras and rode up behind them!

sugarloaf-mountain-weddings-kr (1)

It may have been foggy and a bit drizzly, but it felt so magical up on the hill.  I LOVE foggy wedding days- they’re so soft and cozy looking.  We didn’t stay out for long, but thank goodness we did an engagement session prior to the wedding day so no warming up was ready and we knocked out the portraits in record time!

sugarloaf-mountain-wedding-photos-kr (2)
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On to the reception!

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All 10s?  Not a bad score!

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Wavelength, one of my favorite wedding bands (and I’ve seen SO many wedding bands– I find that more than half of my clients elect to have a band at their wedding!) really made the dance floor come alive.  I love photographing weddings when Wavelength is there, as it means I’ll see a lot of inspired dance moves! :)

wavelength-wedding-band-maine-kr (4)
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weddings-in-western-maine-kr (2)
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Thank you for including me in your wedding celebrations, Kelsie and Rob!  They were wonderful, and the rain made your marriage extra lucky.  Can’t wait to show you the full gallery!

Wedding Venue: Sugarloaf
Wedding Planner: Julia Eggleston
Photographer: Kate Crabtree
Band: Wavelength
Baker: The Bankery
Dress: Melissa Sweet, David’s Bridal
Suits: Vera Wang
Makeup: Carolyn Flewelling
Hair: Cherish Stewart
Photo Booth: Maine Photo Booth